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Dont panic yet,its still too early in the treatment .Some ppl dont see improvement in there acne till almost the full course is finished.You gotta know that accutane is going to bring up any prexisting acne under the skin no matter where its lurking.Alot of ppl start to panic sometimes in the beginning of treatment because they see there face or body acne looking worse then when they first started.Its takes wks for pimples under the skin to reach the surface where you can see them.Some ppl have to go thru almost the whole treament before they see clearing.So hang in there make sure you get those blood tests,and pregnancy test done when your supposed too.I took accutane when i was in my early 20s,kept me clear for about 5 yrs.Then the acne slowly came back so i fought it off with topicals for awhile.As i moved into my early 40s i started to get the cysts back again.But luckily for me my derm introduced me to retin a-micro and its doing pretty well in controlling it,to the point i can go out without makeup most the time.I been on retin a-micro for about a yr,and thankfully its working for me.Good luck,and take care. :bouncing:

pimples under the skin to reach the surface where you can see them.

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