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Hi everyone.

I just made my first appointment with a dermatologist this morning to see if there's any possible way to reduce/get rid of my acne. I'm 25 and my skin never used to be GOOD, but it's become increasingly worse in the last 6 months. It's mostly on my cheeks, chin, jawline, shoulders and down my back. I'm noticing it's migrating to the front of my chest too. *sigh*

I'm nervous. I've always tried to pretend it's not there, when it's clearly not. From pictures I've seen online I'm willing to bet it's moderate to severe too. I just really hope they can help me. I'm out of options with products, and to top it off my skin is so sensitive I can't use many creams or topical ointments on it without pissing it off greatly. :(

Someone reassure me here. I just want it to go away.
What can I expect on my first appointment? Are treatment options expensive? I don't have the greatest insurance, and do not have prescription coverage.

I go in March 9th at 9:15.
I imagine that in the first appointment, they will go over your "history" with you: how long you've had acne, where, how serious, previous treatments, etc. And they'll want to know what meds (if any) you currently take or previously took. So, might be good to think about this in advance and have a list ready so that you can spend more of your appointment time on other stuff.

They'll examine your acne (so you might want to plan what you're wearing since if it's on your back / shoulders / chest, they might ask you to take your shirt off so they can have a look. I made the mistake of wearing a sheer bra to my first appointment ... ugh! Don't worry - if they do want you to take your shirt off, there is ALWAYS another female in the room for this!).

Next, they'll probably discuss what might be causing it and some treatment options. You can ask them about costs / time etc then. Do not be shy about asking questions! And for sure let them know if there's a max amount you're willing to spend a month on prescriptions. That way they can adjust stuff accordingly ... and do things like prescribe the generic version rather than the patented versions, etc... which are identical anyway!

Don't be discouraged if things don't seem to be progressing right away, they have to get to know your skin and might try a couple different things. And also, there is always the old "things get worse before they get better". You sort of just have to trust them when they say this. So whatever they prescribe, be sure to get them to explain what you can expect when you take it -- i.e. if it will get worse initially, and how long before it gets better ... and what they're looking for to tell if it's working...

Amy is very correct, that is similar to my first appt.... just to add though dont wear any makeup!!! i know some peopel who have done that and they can not help you correctly if you do that. Don't worry it will be fine! Good luck to you
so update! how'd it go?
The appointment isn't until the 9th :)

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