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Okay, so before i go on... i am not going to repeat what others have mentioned on this board about how I suffered from acne and how much money I have spent on countless products that promised optimal results.

So ... i did my research and found something that will cure acne.

I cant post a link of research and studies conducted, but do your own search.

First off, you do need to improve your diet.. Food does not cause acne, but can aggravate acne if you have food allergen. In my case, it'll be peanut butter and too much soy. But of course, eating more vegetables and fruits will help.

Then there is cosmetic acne.. avoid makeup containing talc. I prefer to use natural makeup like larenim mineral that improves your skin without the added chemicals, etc. I was wearing commercial makeup.. and there would be days i wouldnt wear makeup.. and i noticed my skin getting better and it would get worse everytime i wear 'em.

So the cure?...

Its Wheatgrass juice.

seriously.. its the cure for acne. You can see result within a week if you're committed to it.. and within 3 months, scars will disappear if you follow a good diet.

If you go to a health food store.. they might have the frozen fresh wheatgrass.. its recommended to drink 1oz a day i believe.

I drink about 0.6 to 1.2oz a day.

You can go to a juice bar and get a shot of wheatgrass.

if you have a juicer or a wheatgrass juicer, you can save a lot of money and drink it everyday on a empty stomach, preferably in the morning.

Wheatgrass has a lot of other benefits for your health overall.

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