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hi everyone..i really need some help. i have tried every product out there. i am currently in my third week of spiro..haven't seen any results yet..and have been using retin a for 8 weeks with little results. i am still breaking out and it gave me bad acne on my chin that left derm says i have a type of acne and there really isn't any more options..i'm really depressed this has gone on for years. i'm 23 and need to get rid of this acne....

i am starting to think that i really don't have acne at all and have some sort of don't get big's all just little red fleshy type bumps..mostly on my forehead, side of nose, and chin.....has anyone had this kind of acne....and how did you treat it. i'ts really itchy and burns when i sweat. i hope someone can help me out bc i don't know how much more i can take of it....i want smooth skin..and my face feels like a brillow pad. i also need a good moisturizer that will not break me out..

another thing...should i keep on using retin a? i'm still extremely red and my skin isn't smoother...

please someone help! thanks!

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