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[QUOTE=LisaB82]How bad is the dryness? Do you walk around with skin peeling off your face all day?? Does it look ok if you use moisturizer?? [/QUOTE]
In my case, as long as I can slather on the moisturizer after I take a shower then I'm good for most of the day. I've been on it for almost a month and all I need are two pumps of the Cetaphil bottle for my face and neck to get me through the whole day. The first 2 weeks my face was peel-y, so I also put moisturizer on after luchtime to help the dryness.

As for my lips and nose, they're really dry. For my lips, I put a layer of healing oils (a blend of emu oil, shea butter, jojoba, etc.) on first then top it with Aquaphor but they still feel like they're going to crack. Even when I put it on every hour or so. My sinuses are all dry and if I blow my nose I get mild nosebleeds. If anyone has a suggestion on how to help this, I'd be grateful!

As you probably have read, some people get worse before it gets better, others don't go through the "initial breakout". I personally broke out worse in a day or two of the first dose and I'm still trying to clear up from it. The derm said it may take as much as 2 months to start seeing my skin get clear.

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