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My skin is very oily, to the point where it's shiney and feels greasy. I use Retin a at night and it does help but I am hardly ever completely clear.

I also take 2 vitamin A and 2 vitamin E pills in the morning and at night. That seems to help the healing process.

When I come home from work at 5pm, I clean my face with a stridex pad and at bedtime I wash my face with clinique soap.

I hate this oily skin. What can I do about it?

Also, I seem to get hairs around my chin and sides of my mouth that can't break the skin and the skin turns red. Sometimes I try to pull them out with a tweezer to speed up the healing process.
Why is this happening?
There's a product called "Tend Skin". It's meant for ingrown hairs from shaving and waxing. But, if you look at the ingredients, it's basically just AHAs. My boyfriend uses it on his face and he's noticed that it not only clears & prevents his ingrown hairs, but also black heads on his nose and keeps the oil under control. You might want to try that as it seems like it could deal with all your issues.

You could use it in the morning as you would a toner and then stick to the retin-A at night.

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