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There have been many discussions here of many natural treatments. You should browse back through several weeks and you'll probably come across many. These are things I am doing.

1) Diet. Cut back on sugars, simple carbs and dairy. Many who have gone on low carb diets have claimed their acne got better. Also, drink a ton of water.

2) Vitamins and supplements - Many take B5 in high doses to reduce oilyness. Many, myself included, take Zinc and Saw Palmetto as DHT blockers. Oversimplified, that means to help keep excess testosterone from causing acne. I also take high doses of vitamin C throughout the day. Mainly because I learned that most animals on the planet produce their own vitamin C in their bodies by the gram. At least 2,000 mgs vs the 90 our government says we need. It's needed to produce new cells so is needed for healing and immunity. Whether it has any immediate affect on skin, I don't know.

3) spashing on diluted apple cider vinegar after washing to restore PH balance to skin.

4) Aspirin mask or scrub. Aspirin is apparently salycilic acid which clears pores. I do this and have had the most dramatic improvement I have ever seen.

5) Digestive system cleanses. One of the reasons the low carb thing might work is that it would help if the body has a candida (yeast) imbalance, which we likely all do if we were treated with antibiotics, perhaps for years. Yeast feeds on sugars. Pills to restore balance are available at a health food stores. Look for Candida cleanses. There are also colon cleanses, but I don't know anything about that.

6) Aloe vera gel. I use it to treat rosacea, but also anytime my skin seems red and irritated. It soothes all kinds of redness.

7) See if you can figure out if any food triggers acne. I used to get horrible cysts all along my jaw, hairline, temples, and back. Then I discovered, from a coworker, that orange juice and oranges caused it. This was years ago. I stopped eating them and since then only got the occasional cyst on my back. Which I haven't had since starting the aspirin mask/scrub.

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