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ok, so i've had moderate acne since i was like 15 or so..i've kept it under control but never really got rid of it..well, im 22 now, and just got myself a girlfriend about 2 months ago.. we spent out last weekend together last weekend, as im deploying for 5 months right now, but anyways, besides the point.. i was doing fine keeping under control until about 1 month ago when i broke the worst i have ever in my life.. i had 2 HUGE cysts on both my bottom left and right jaw, and also a huge cyst on the right side of my face, near my lip, and also on my right side of my face on my cheek.. plus i broke out with a couple on my forehead.. I have no idea why this just happened out of nowhere but it was the worst now a month later im still recovering from these, as they left some nasty red marks and have no idea what to do.. it just made my ok face look disgusting and im friggen sick of it..please help me here, i just got switched from minocycline to diocycline ( i think thats the name)..also using 10% benzol peroxide, and currently do not wash with anything but water.. also ive had to stop shaving every day because it hurts so now im down to shaving every 5-6 days and it just looks awful.. its starting to effect my personality and work, and i can't look people in the face anymore, and i cant even stand looking in the mirror.. im just sick of it, and wish it would go away!!!!!!!!1111

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