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[QUOTE]hey indy_gal, what type of glycolic acid based skin-care regimen do you use? is it a specific company name? and where can you get it? Please let me know if you can.. Thanks!![/QUOTE]

I don't think the brand makes too much of a difference, but I use:

MD Forte glycolic cleanser
MD Forte glycolic lotion
DDF glycolic toner (I use this on my face to remove traces of makeup, and on my neck and jawline. It completely eliminated the acne I used to get on my neck all the time) :bouncing:

I buy them online at the skin store. The DDF line also has a cleanser and it can be found at Sephora, but they didn't have the toner the last time I went so I bought Peter Thomas Roth (which I have yet to try, so I dont know how good it will be). The DDF cleanser has a lower percentage of glycolic acid. What I liked about the MD Forte line is that it comes in 3 different strengths, so you can allow your skin to adjust by starting off on the lowest percentage.

They market this stuff for reducing wrinkles which is why it never caught my eye before. But the skin store has customer feedback, and everybody raved about these products so much for improving their acne that it convinced me to try it. I've been using glycolic acid since November and have seen a huge improvement in my skin. Salicylic acid and Benzoil Peroxide don't even compare! It really exfoliates your skin, which prevent new pimples and helps clear up the scarring left behind from old acne.

One warning though: Gycolic acid is something most people have to build up a tolerance too. Don't jump into any 20% gycolic acid products or you'll turn red from sensitivity.

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