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I'm in a similiar position to yours...i'm 3 months away from being 22 and still breaking out. Not severe, but mild to moderate. its frustrating and i have no confidence when it comes to approaching the opposite sex. ppl tell me i'm good looking but i don't feel it :( . anyways, i can't take accutane..its not an option because when i used it, it destroyed my colon and may have given me Inflammatory Bowel Disease. So bottom line...No accutane in my future!

Anyway, do you have bowel problems like IBS? I have IBS and other bowel problems and I've been considering a bowel cleanse because having acne at this age suggests something more internal.

Its a general rule that by 25 y.o. you should have already grown out of your acne (for males especially...sadly for the ladies, this is when females typically start getting adult acne). Adult acne is less common in men. If you still have it after 25 you'll likely have it the rest of your life (or at least the fun part of it!). I hope to God i'm not the unlucky few who progresss from teen acne to Adult Acne.

So my only hope is that by 25 i'll grow out of it! But right now i've been focusing on finding a good skin care regimen consisting of BHA, AHA, maybe BP, a gentle cleanser, moisturizer, and mask.

Drinking water does help...if it helps noticeably than it indicates that you have an internal buildup of toxins. I haven't been at all consistent with the recommended 8 cups a day! I probably avg like 2 or 4 if i'm being good.

Anyways, I'm right with you there buddy. Any hope for us growing out of acne?

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