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hey! first of all congrats and good luck on accutane! I am on the end of my 5th month of a 6-7 course and love it!! I, too, had acne mainly on my chin, which is a hormonal area apparently, and some on my cheeks. I did have an initial breakout, it lasted 3 months...i know not good, but dont worry, some are very short and some dont even have one! It's really unpredictable. Yourre dosage should be ok, i am on 40 and started at 115lbs and am now around 118 ( 3rd yr of college will do that! lol) but yes, that should be fine for you. Im not sure about the zinc, but i do take a Vitamin B complex which has biotin in it, and was told by my derm that biotin was ok to take. Your routine sounds ok except for the bar...soap bars are not good at all for acne prone skin!! They collect bacteria so its just full of germs. Try a pump type of cleanser...i use cetaphil and its great. no waxing of the eyebrows! I know, i wish i could too, but stick to plucking. It is not good to wax anything while on accutane, the skin is too sensitive. Dont worry, you will be happy and glad you did this in a few short months, trust me it goes SOOOO fast!!! :)

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