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I guess that I'm not sure how things are going. As for the lupus, I'm pretty achy and tired due to the damp weather here. As for my skin........always a long story. I am still using the finacea 15% and applying it twice a day. Since I stopped the tazorac, my skin isn't so red and so dry. I am now breaking out on one side of my chin with the same old tiny oil filled pimples. First there were a couple and this morning there are about 15 again. I wonder if the finacea is cleaning them out or if it just won't help this constant problem. On my cheeks, I can still see the ones under the skin just sitting there. I wish it would work faster to get rid of them. I am still sooo tempted to increase the accutane a bit, but still haven't. Six weeks until my big event and I still look like garbage.
I hope your spiro and estrogen shots help you. Should see improvement in oil within a couple of weeks I would gather, but remember some people have an initial type breakout on spiro. How often do you get the shots?? What amount of estrogen is it??

Dsheldon, if you read this, just a question for you...
Is the azeleic acid a little sticky or something to apply? Does it leave a film of sorts? And when you had it bringing everything out so to speak what were they like?? Not to be gross, but were any of them tiny and oil filled? Am I going through a breakout b/c of the azeleic or is it just my same problem that won't go away? I know its only been a short time. I've only been using it since about May 25 I think, but it some areas it seems to be helping and in others getting worse or the same as always. I see the derm in 2 weeks. He said I could increase the accutane 2 weeks ago, but I didn't yet. I have a big event coming up....time doesn't seem to be on my side. What should I do?? And do you think I should you the 12% glycolic cleanser or the 15% glycolic cleanser? I went back to the lower one last week because of the red dry tight skin from all the meds, and now I'm not sure the azeleic acid and glycolic acid cleanser will work fast enough to suit me unless I increase the glycolic amount. Any theory?? You always seem to know what I should try etc...Hope you don't mind the questions.

I hope you have a good weekend and that the combination of the spiro and the estrogen is the answer for you. I know its a long road we're on, but hopefully it will get easier as the days go on. Good Luck and keep posting.

I'm taking my daughter to the carnival tonight and truely I hope I don't see anyone I know. I look awful, but it will make her happy so here I go. I wish this didn't effect my life so much. 20 years ago, I don't remember this being a big deal. Little did I know, Huh?? Now my 11 year old is showing the "signs" of acne starting and I'm terrified she will go through this awful experience. I'm so messed up, I wouldn't even know what to have here try if it got to that point! LOL

L :)

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