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Hmm it's hard to say how best to cover acne for a guy. I know there are certain brands of male cover-up that are becoming popular... I think the Body Shop carries a line.

As for the Accutane, GO FOR IT. It will most likely end your misery and have you clear. I think it's quite the oxymoron when people say, "oh, I've been on antibiotics for acne for ____ years, but I won't go on Accutane for the side effects."

Most people don't know this, but taking antibiotics for x amount of years is actually MORE harmful to the body than taking one course of Accutane. Although the side effects may not be immediately apparent, it is a well known fact that antibiotics taken over the course of many years can reap havok on your system internally, and the symptoms may not arise until years down the road.

Case in point, may as well go for the Accutane and get it over with!! If you read some peoples experiences with Accutane on this board (including mine), you will find a lot of people don't even experience symptoms beyond some chapping of the lips. From my own experience, the experience of my boyfriend, and the experience of two close friends who all went on Accutane, I can say that none of us experienced side effects that went past chapped lips or dry skin. While on Accutane, your health is closely monitored through blood tests - my tests always came out perfectly fine. And now my skin is 100% clear, smooth as a baby's butt! ITS WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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