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hi guys!!

i have been on vacation for a week and not able to check in...i just want to say this...

i think that if you have cystic, red acne..this regimen will get rid of that. i think it is a symtom of allergies to sls's and other synthetic soaps. i do not think it is an absolute cure of acne. i don't think there is such a thing. if there were, we wouldn't all be here, would we? however...i do believe that this is the correct idea..exfoliate..let the bp absorb..moisturize. and also, make sure to use a sunscreen.( i use bare minerals make-up which has a sunscreen in it, but my son uses the bullfrog quikgel stuff).

anyway, just an update on us...guess what!! i had 2 zits over the past week.. both came and went very quickly. (i was kinda pissed anyway lol) my son had none until we got home, now he has one. he is fine with that, me, i am kinda annoyed lol!

i did not mean to jump on here and start talking miracles. i only know my own experience, and i just cannot ask for anything better.

i don't think there would be a problem with using natures cure (just the pills) or anything else that is natural along with the clear and smooth if you want to.

best of luck to all of you!!


Well after using this product i'm on the 4th month mark now. My acne in the last few weeks seemed to get better than worse, than better again and then worse. I am now 80% clear for good why? I TOTALLY STOPPED USING THE SCRUB EVERY DAY!!! I felt the scrub to be a bit too harsh for me and scrubbing daily seemed like a bad idea for my skin. I used to only scrub my face like 1-2 times a week. Yes it's true that your skin builds up dead skin cells and you need to exfoliate it but not every day.

Here's my new simple Regimen:

Carley's Soap lather on face wash off completely
Pat face dry and use Carley's Day Time Lotion while hands are still wet.

Evening/Night Time:
Carley's Soap leave lather on face for 2 mins then wash off
Carley's Day Time Lotion on face while hands are still wet

Two Times a week: LUSH Cosmetic Warrior Mask
Once a week: Carley's Scrub (Normal)
Spot Treat: Carley's Night Time Moisturizer (for cysts or active pimples)

The soap feels awesome on my face and leave it clean plus my skin doesn't dry out but feels a bit moisturized. The Day Time Lotion is the best product I have ever used.

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