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beeston, i know exactly how you feel, and the desperation of feeling like you have to do something that you really don't want to do in order to get rid of this!! i competely avoided bc pills and accutane b/c i thought i may want to get pregnant (and bc did help me at one time). out of complete desperation, i went ahead and agreed to antibiotics after this last major breakout even though i have probably been on antibiotics for years if i added it all up, and i thought i would never do that again. i wish you good luck, for both acne treatment and baby!! ;)

i wanted to do a quick update since its been about 3 weeks for me now and about 5 for my son.

i have no pimples whatsoever unless you count those little flesh colored bumps, that are so annoying, but bearable. some of them have finally popped and gone away.its been a few mos since i went off the antibiotics and if the past is any indication, i shld start looking pretty gross pretty soon..i will honestly let you know if that happens...i feel like it won't. my skin is so even and young smooth i can't believe it. i can't find my huge pores!! i am using bare minerals makeup and once i got the hang of using it..i am thrilled with the overall look. when i leave the house in the complexion is almost flawless...i do need a touchup before i leave work...i feel just alittle oily then and i think it is the makeup.

the big deal though, is my sons face. it is STILL getting better every single has a smattering of lite pink dots kinda on his forehead and "under the skin" bump on his forehead...thats it. remember he was severly broken out...very red..cystic...this morning i thought i would cry, it looks so much better. this product does not claim to get rid of red spots..but his are fading could be because he is so young maybe?
mine are better too, but then, they usually will go away on their own (in their own sweet time!). so who knows, maybe mine are clearing only because i havent gotten any new pimples on top of the old spots!

well sorry, didn't mean to write a book..but just letting you know...i am still very happy. can't predict the future, but i sure i am hoping this is it for us.

good luck everybody.

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