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I have been struggling with acne since 8th grade (now being a freshman in college) and would call it mild-moderate. I've also been watching this board for a few years now and thought I had tried anything and everything with nothing working. I've been to the dermatologist (which never impresses me...seems like he is just like 'yeah, you have acne. here's another medicine'), used proactiv, scrubs, topicals, pills, Nature's Cure, home remedies ect, ect- you name it, I've probably tried it... and recently just stopped doing anything at all. My dad struggled with acne so I gave up and just tried to accept the fact that I probably would outgrow it in my 20's, but I have started breaking out again recently so I logged back onto this board and found this posting about ClearAndSmooth, read some of the feedback and decided since it was inexpensive, I'd give it a shot. I've only had the product for 3 days and I have noticed a difference right away. I don't want to get false hopes but it seems like I've found something to make my skin look and feel A LOT better. I've had uneven skin since 8th grade that has never been smooth and the tiny white bumps seem to be fading. When I started Clear and Smooth 3 days ago, I had 5 major pimples, one bigger than a planet! (haha) and 3 of them are almost invisible and the huge pimple has decreased in size by at least 75%. I will try to keep updating like everyone else seems to do and let everyone who is skeptical know how it goes.
By the way, I ordered the teen industrial strength, I know I could've probably gone with the regular strength but I just felt like I do have "hard to treat" acne and I'm still in my teens and thought maybe it would be the better choice. I do what the bottle tells me, once a day, soap first, then scrub, and soap again.

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