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Hi all, I know what im about to say might a bit stupid but It plays on my mind.

Im 22/m and have been suffering from acne from about 15 id say. Basically the degree of severity varied alot in that time. It was never extreme acne like some people have but it was enough to make me feel negative about my appearance. It wasn't just the actual acne! It has been my whole skin complexion and tone. My skin was never smooth and always was coverd with little bumps etc. To me my skin was completely horrible even though I know deep down it wasn't nearly that bad. I lost alot of confidence in myself. Even felt very uncomfortable with my gf that I had for 2 years back in high school. I felt uncomfortable her staring at my face in the light because she was so beautiful and I used to worry she would think my face was disgusting. I always wished i had clearer skin and used many different creams, washes, scrubs, moisturisers and toners etc for years but nothing would clear my skin properly. I think a major problem was i wasnt very consistent in my routines and when my skin cleared up a little i used to stop worrying about it so much and probably neglected my regime. I think a major problem was I never really drank any pure water, very little if anything. That is until the last 2 weeks or so.

My skin broke out bad again recently and I was fed the hell up! I love how I look except my skin. I always get compliments but I always felt my skin held me back sooo much. I went to the doctor and have started using 2 new products ' eryacne gel' and 'differn gel'. I had previosuly used the later a long time ago but 'eryacne' is a brand new product to the market.
I have been drinking three litres of water a day for about the last 2 weeks. I have never drank anywhere near that amount before. Ofcourse i still cleanse, moisturise and scrub aswell.I have also been watching what I eat.

In just about 2 weeks my skin is looking the best its looked before i hit puberty no doubt. Pimples are just about all gone and my whole skin tone and texture is improving dramatically. You'd think id be pretty happy wouldn't you? Well i am in sense but I am also really badly beating myself up.

I believe more than anything the water has helped imensely as they say the other products take about 8 weeks to be effective. I keep saying to myself 'why didnt you do this years and years ago?' ' why did you wait till now?'. I really dont know why i did. I was probably young and stupid. I have also suffered severe depression and basically cared about nothing for a number of years a while back. I also never liked the taste of water. I guess the reason doesnt matter. The fact is i didnt drink much pure water if any for years! And i really needed it as i ate alot of crap like alot of teens do. I keep dwelling about if i had drank alot of water years ago I could have had much better skin along time ago and saved myself so much pain and anguish. I know digging up the past is pointless because it cant be changed but it really gets to me. I feel i could have been so much more confident and been with alot more girls etc etc. You get the idea? I probably handled my acne worse than most.

Im generally feeling really positve this year about my life and i feel ive grown up alot however ive always had a bad habit of dwelling on the past, especially things that were in my control and I really believe this was and I was too ignorant and stupid to do what mattered when i should have.

What are your thoughts on this whole situation. Please help me!

My fellow brother, you helped me before and i want to thank you for it. You must think of it this way - the past happened for a reason and your past experiences define who you are and make you unique. We must constantly remind ourselves life is only what you make of it. The experience of acne makes you a better, stronger person because it forces you to look beyond the SUPERFICIAL aspects of life and to truly love life for something greater and with more meaning. It is hard sometimes to realize this in a such "looks" based superficial society but if you can... you will hopefully achieve happiness. Even when I had clear skin I still felt empty and that was because I was looking at life in a "wrong" way. Now, simple things -like a warm smile from a stranger - make me happy. Acne was a big part in changing my perspective on life. Looks are important only to a small degree and it shouldn't consume your life

Good luck and stay strong. Enjoy and be happy!

God bless!

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