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[QUOTE=lindamm]I'm starting Spiro today. I saw a nurse practioner at a women's clinic yesterday and asked about hirsutism. She prescribed 200mg of spiro plus a birth control pill called Zovia. Not the Yasmin or the Diane others have mentioned, but I guess those contain some Spiro and it wouldn't be necessary for me to take both.

I'm 40 and have had acne, grotesquely oily skin and excessive body hair since I was 10. My skin isn't so oily and I don't get acne on my face much anymore. I'm not sure when that happened though. A year ago maybe? I have been taking antiandrogen supplements for about a year I think--Zinc, Saw Palmetto, B6--so that could be the reason. Or age.

I also cut back on the sugar and simple carbs around the First of February when people on this board were discussing digestive cleanses, Candida and what sugar does to hormones. And I just realized yesterday that right now I don't have any kind of inflamed acne for the first time in decades. Just red marks from the last few, blackheads and the ever present melia on my jawline, but even that is reduced. The aspirin mask has helped a lot.[/QUOTE]

So by women's clinic do you mean like a public health kind of place or Planned Parenthood? I looked up women's clinics on google and got a whole list of spots in this area. Did they actually know about spiro or did you have to enlighten them.

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