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Im thinking of going onto Spiro for my persistent break-outs. I have oily skin and tons of clogged pores, although I wouldnt say I have acne unless i get really stressed and then I break out like crazy.
My derm gave me antibiotics a month ago when I went to see him during my worst break-out ever, and they havent worked at all. Years ago, doryx was my savior, but now Im immune and these minocycline antibiotics arent doing a thing. Proactive was working for a while and cleared me,but it stopped working as well recently. The next thing my derm said to think about was either Spiro or a low-dose of Accutane, which Im scared about.

Heres my question:Id like to start on 50 or 75 mgs of Spiro next month when I go back to see the derm. I dont have excess body hair or anything but considering the results Ive see from the posts here, Id like to try it before Accutane. At least to control the oil and clogged pores.
However, Im on Yasmin birth control. I think all OC's break me out in general (I havent found one yet that doesnt, except Seasonale and I had all types of issues with that one). Anyway, Yasmin has a little Spiro in it. The derm said therefore Id have to switch to another pill (he said OTC-Lo) if I get on Spiro. I dont want to switch- I love Yasmin. If Yasmin hasn't made my skin better,will Spiro not?
Im considering going against the derm's recommendations and taking Spiro while staying on Yasmin (I just dont know if its smart to do that).
Any suggestions? Id like to avoid Accutane esp. since it doesnt seem to work,plus summer's coming and I cant afford the itchy red dryness and major initial breakouts.

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