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[QUOTE=adove]Hi. For blackhead holes shrinking, the answer is no. I have many of these ice-pick looking holes around my nose/cheek area from popping blackheads when I was too stupid to know better. I even have several large ones. Unfortunately, these holes are there for good. You could try microdermabrasion or some type of laser to make the holes appear less noticeable. It sucks how I scarred my face from these blackheads. (And I still get them all the time. I try to ignore them).
I'm also one of those lost souls that does not know what to do about her acne. I am almost 29 years old, and if anything, my skin is getting worse. I've started this crazy rash-like tiny red bumps on my forehead now that won't go away, and lord I don't know what to do! My chest and top of my shoulders are starting to get bombed now too. I've did every prescription and almost every OTC product out there. The accutane was cool, but once I came off of it, the acne came back, a little slower, but nonetheless, it came back. The oil coming from my face is Off the charts!!! I'm currently trying something called "vitacure" (vitamin B-5, and lots of it, in capsules) that claims to work similar to Accutane with drying up oil. I've been on it about three weeks, but nothing has changed. The med. claims it can take anywhere from 1 to 3 months to see a difference. Has anyone out there used this product??? Okay, bye bye, because I will ramble forever!!
Anyone with any advice.. please write. thanks.
One more thing for the person who asked originally about the blackhead holes: anything prescription topical such as Retin-A, or anything drying, like accutane, will shrink the scars a little, but that's about it. sorry![/QUOTE]

I used to have the red bumps on my forehead too and my derm told me it was an irritation from dandruff (which I didn't even know I had)... as instructed, I rub Head & Shoulders on my forehead while I'm in the shower (don't let it drip into your eyes!) and let it soak for a few minutes. The bumps subsided immediately and within a couple weeks were completely gone. Now I do it every week or two just to keep it clear. Maybe it will work for you too?

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