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I've always been extremely reluctant to EVER change my skincare regimen. But my persistent breakouts forced me to search these boards for the most pertinent threads that related to me. I've decided to make a dramatic change all at once because I know I must in order to see dramatic results.

Skin Wise-
First of all, I have an oily T-zone (forehead and nose) and either dry or normal skin elsewhere. I have dry flaky skin on my cheeks and dry dead skin in my oily areas too! As far as breakouts, I usually get whiteheads and/or pustular acne almost on a daily basis. This lead me to conclude that the major problem is improper skin shedding, which is obviously the main reason everyone here gets acne but I thought my dry dead skin and the fact that i mostly get whiteheads suggested that my pores are extremely blocked. And the dead, dry skin aggravates it even more!
Conclusion -- NEED to switch to a BHA and use a moisturizer! I've been using an AHA cleanser which is not really useful for people with acne.

I have read a lot of success stories on this board with Paula's Choice products and respect her as having great skincare knowledge. So I'm switching to her product line out since its has no fragrances, SLS, or any irritants. I'm going to switch off with her moisturizers as needed along with Camellia Oil!

I have IBS (most likely a consequence of antibiotic overuse). I'm almost 22 y.o. and I think I should've grown out of my acne. This suggests that my acne seems to be caused by other factors. Stress and lack of sleep are the main triggers of my acne. When I'm stressed out, I don't sleep. Both of these factors seem to be related to DIGESTIVE problems since I eat less and get sick during times of stress and sleep deprivations. With the help of the likes of ErimusV (sp?), I have concluded that my digestive condition could be the root cause of my acne.
Conclusion -- > I need a DIGESTIVE CLEANSE (specifically a colon cleanse). Diet also plays a role in acne, however, it does so by harming one's digestive health. Thats why I don't eat chocolate and avoid anything with caffeine (bad for digestion).

-Gentle Cleanser ( Cosmedix Benefit Clean)
-Exfoliant (switch off between Paula's Choice 1% BHA Gel and the 2% BHA Liquid) -- I will start off once a day and switch to twice a day if i can tolerate it
- Silkia Camellia Oil (AM/PM) (I will start after religiously doing the above regimen for a week or two. I always breakout when I try new things because my pores are so blocked and the Oil will simply compound my initial breakout)
- Sunscreen (AM) (PC Non Greasy SPF 15 or Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Spf 30)

-disinfectant (PC Blemish Fighting Sol'n - 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide) EVERY OTHER DAY
-another moisturizer (PC essentially non greasy)
-toner (PC skin balancing toner) WHEN NEEDED
-aftershave (PC Skin relief treatment)
-mask (PC Skin Balancing Carbon Mask or aspirin mask) 1-2 times a week
-spot treatment (Cosmedix Clear)
-high frequency treatment (i doubt i'll have time for this!)

-psyllium husk (+1g - cant hurt taking more fiber!)
-activated charcoal (2x 260mg)

Later in the day
-a probiotic (Primal Defense)

-multivitamin(not at the same time as the activated charcoal)
-more water can't hurt!!!

I ordered my PC products last night and basically have been using her samples to try each thing out one at a time to make sure I don't have a horrible reaction. I've started out using the BHA everyday now and I'm gettin my initial breakout (a good sign as long as it stops in 2 weeks!). I've bought all my digestive products but to make sure that I have no rxn to any of the stuff I'm trying them once at a time (in a day).

I will keep you all informed on my progress as I go through this regimen. In the past I've been too afraid of my initial breakout to start anything new. I think this a big step and I'm confident I'm attacking my acne in many ways. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN FIGHTING ACNE is CONSISTENCY. And hopefully this will be my answer, God willing! I won't really know until, at least, a month or two but hopefully it'll start working sooner!

Dreaming of clear skin!!!!

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