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Re: Dsheldon
Jun 8, 2003
Hi D,

Thanks're always right there to answer!! I am currently taking accutane 2 times per week, and yasmin daily.
I am using glycolic cleanser (for the past 5 years) and the azeleic acid two times per day... and sparingly in the dry white flakey areas only, eucerin daily control moisturizer which contains 2% lactic acid. I am careful not to use much at one time and only when I have to have it.

My skin on my face honestly resembles the orange. it is bumpy and not smooth at all. Oiliness hasn't been a problem for me b/c of the accutane. It's been hard to give up the jojoba oil. I also stopped the tazorac last week. I have oficially been using the finacea 15% for about 2 weeks or so.

Do You re apply the azeleic during the day? Would that help to speed things up a bit?? I read somewhere where this just creates a film and once it is applied, nothing else will go through it until it is washed off and then re applied. Do you think I should stick with am and pm or use even once during the day??

Thanks L :)
Re: Dsheldon
Jun 8, 2003
I've tried going off the accutane 4 different times and each time I was broken out with cysts within probably about 5 to 7 days. I guess the accutane decrease sebum production, but then why is the azeleic acid bringing so much out? With the products I've used how can any of this junk even be under there?? I used the tazorac for over 3 months. How can I still have junk under there?? Also with everything coming out does that mean the spiro wasn't working? I would assume so b/c I wouldn't think there would be any pimples under there from a few weeks ago let alone a few months ago. My skin is not oily as a rule and never really was. But that never stopped the acne. Do you think the skinoren would have cleared you without the spiro? I'm on accutane to get in the way of the sebum and stuff so I would hope the finacea will help. Any chance it will bring things out quicker if I apply more often?? Using this with the combination of my glycolic cleanser would exfoliate and bring things to the surface right?? The tazorac just seemed to flatten a few things out but worked very slowly to bring them up. Have you tried the retinoid products and can you compare to the azeleic acid?? I know too many questions, right?? I wish I could be on the other side of this and helping someone else but I don't feel I have much to offer right now.

Thanks as always, I do TRY to listen > LOL
L :)

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