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Hi..i just wanted to know if anyone else has this type of acne on there arms and chest..on my arms..i have these little plugs..Im sorry this is going to seem gross..but its almost like they get plugged or impacted and then when i squeeze them they are either white worms or little beads that are hard..i have had these since my junior year of high now 21! i can never wear tank tops or anything that shows my upper arms b/c Im so embarassed by them.
Then on my's just a complete mess..i get these giant cyst/puss type pimples..some are very close to the nipple..i have one there now..sometimes i can see a tiny white cord sticking up out of them and if i take tweezers i can pull the root out..sometimes i get small ones of those on my face..does anyone have this?? IF SO PLEASE HELP ME!! I can't get rid of it!!! Thanks!!

First off see a derm....they can help you and figure out wat type of problem your dealing with...overall i had a similar problem and i went on accutane to fix it and soo far soo good.
I've seen lotsa derms...taken everything but of lately i took a sulpha drug called Bactrim..this is made me awfully ill..anyone else take this? i now have anxiety, pounding heart, chest pain, dizziness..i took it for 3 weeks and it really cleared up my face but did nothing for my chest..most of the derms just think I'm an awful picker..but i swear i get the most odd one has told me about whats on my arms..they just say its all related to acne! I'm afraid of accutane after this bout with Bactrim so i dunno what to do!
I used to get cysts all over I think, but learned that oranges and OJ caused them. Eliminating oranges from my diet made the cysts I got all along my jawline, hairline, temples and neck go away. I'm pretty sure I got them on my chest too, but that wasn't the main problem. I learned the oranges were a trigger from a coworker who only got them on her chin after drinking OJ. Otherwise, she had great skin. You should try that. The results should be pretty immediate.

I still get some pretty inflamed and slow to heal zits on my back and always have one coming or going on my neck, but they are nothing like what I used to get. And the aspirin mask has made my back much better and have hopes it will help my neck.

I actually use it as a scrub in the shower rather than a mask and do my whole upper body. It makes your skin feel great. You should try it on your arms first. It might agravate the already inflamed chest area. It does agravate my rosecea so I don't use it on my cheeks.

Nothing a dermatologist ever prescribed helped me either. And they don't believe me about the oranges.
thanks for the info about oranges..ill try that..where do u get the aspirin mask. Ive never seen it anywhere??
You just dissolve a handful of plain, cheap uncoated aspirin in a little water. Then you can apply it like a mask and let it dry, but it dries to a fine powder that doesn't stick and makes you sneeze. That's why I use it like a scrub instead. Or you can also mix it with your moisturizer or cleanser to help it stick a bit.

You can just dissolve them in the palm of your hand, but if you are doing your whole upper body, it's easier to use a little cup. Just add enough water to cover them. They'll start getting soft in 10 seconds or so. Then mash them with your finger.

Also, as I recall, when I used to get huge cysts, the only thing that ever helped heal them was a wound cream like Neosporin that helps with inflammation and infection. And now they have those pain relieving and scar preventing versions.
thanks!! I'm going to try this right there anything I should be washing my body with though??
[QUOTE=ihateacne20]thanks!! I'm going to try this right there anything I should be washing my body with though??[/QUOTE]

I don't have a recommendation for that. I have been using head and shoulders shampoo since a discussion here a while back about it. The belief being that the zinc in it was helpful. I also thought it would be good because shampoo is more PH balanced than soap. It never seemed to help, but it didn't hurt either.

But I just bought the Skin Type Solution book and started reading and the rule of thumb is not to use anything that produces thick suds and she said never use shampoo. I have to do the questionaire for my skin type and see what she recommends.

A while back, people here were raving about Neutrogenas acne body wash though.
i've tried about every wash! do you think salicyclic acid is better than BP washes? i think they just make things worse and now I've just been using that new Dove night which probably isn't good either! I just want to do get a shower and be done with it..I've spent relentless hours using wipes over my chest and back and arms and then covering them with persa gel..I just wanna forget all the hassles..but I'm afraid i'll always be battling this:(
I don't think that there's much that you can do topically that helps cysts. It's my understanding they start way below the surface.

But it's also my understanding that salicylic acid clears pores by exfoliating inside the pore so maybe that will, over time help. BP is mostly antibacterial and drying.

The aspirin mask, which is salicylic acid, did help my back where I usually had at least one large, red, slow to heal pimple at any time. I'm not positive they were really cysts though, since I can't really see them, and they are no where near as bad as the things I used to get before eliminating oranges from my diet.

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