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Hey all atlast.........I have finished my accutane course! I will keep you posted as life goes on and changes occur..
any comments or tips greatly appreciated as im a bit worried that coming off the accutane , the acne might return. hope all is well.

current routine is:
night and day
cetaphil wash(might switch to neutrogena S.A. wash not sure)
olay complete face lotion
and aveeno body lotion
Great!!! thankyou and you are right agree why switch products if its kept me clear the whole time too...i guess i just felt that cetaphil would not be strong enough once my natural oil came back. Thank you for the tips and i shall avoid acne fighting products. Also i should avoid exfoliating for a while as well right? (was gonna use baking soda)

thanx again!!
hey kdogg! i do agree with her honestly, try not to change up your routine, your skin is a lot more sensitive ( i went outside here for 15 mins and got whoops) and its been adjusted to what you routine was. Anyone who changes their routine a lot will get their skin confused and probably cause breakouts, so just stick to whats been working, those little bumps will go away :) Im curious too about the 5-10 mg of accutane as a maintence course, although i dont think my derm would do that. Its going well for me, the red marks have mostly faded so the rest look like freckles which is fine with me! And no active pimples, maybe one or 2 in the past month. I hope it stays like this always, of course with more improvement, bc who wouldnt want that :) The dryness is still there but muuuuuch better and thats about it! Still using cetaphil and eucerin and its working great...sorry i havent updated lately, lots of midterms!! Hope it contiues to go well for you, i really do. Keep us updated :)
Hi guys!
I am SO happy I found this topic as I am in the same boat as all of you! I am a 21 year old male who just finished his course 12 days ago. Everything was going great until about 4 days ago when I started to get the same little bumps that you seem to be describing. I am so confused and scared as I moisturize regularly (every 1 or two hours, I need it!), yet it seems things are going back into the gutter! I am trying to stay positive but am unsure whether the following are occuring

1) my skin got accutain out of its system rather early and I should switch to a regular skin care regimen (NOT just Cetaphil facewash and moist.) ASAP to prevent future clogged pores.


2) My skin is still feeling the effects of accutane and just pushing impurities out of my skin as usual.

I know I am supposed to stay away from alcohol (and i have) but what about wine? I had a glass or two last week (two days before the breakout) and am thinking this could have the same affect on my skin as alcohol.

ANY ideas would be so helpful, I am soooo terrified that my acne is coming back after SO much progress and gains in self confidence the past few months!

25 DayS OFF~ (This is not a journal im jus updating a few times)

Soo far still in damn good shape....ive had a few small whiteheads popup here and there but were gone quick and werent big or anything. Im worried my forehead will return to normal tho :( where it use to look just kind of bumpy but maybe dermabrasion can help. hasnt gotten too bumpy yet im keepin my fingers crossed. The bumps the bumps, they have gotten alittle better(although they were never terrible) my temples still have a few, i think sunshine, and exfoliating a couple times a week has helped. I switched to using dove soap for cleansing and it seemed to do ok, however i am back on cetaphil becuz i ran out so i will let you know how that goes. Im waiting till my skin gets worse to go on any medicated soaps and hopefully this WILL NOT HAVE TO HAPPEN.

wash= cetaphil
moist.=cetaphil cream
moist.body=johnsons baby lotion(morning)


*I think my skin is still adjusting to not being on the accutane now(w/out the breakouts i hope) and maybe that is why we have these weird bumps. I say stick with your routine, atleast thats what im doing, until other wise it gets really really bad. Dont fix it unless its broken. Becuz if your like me, you see one small bump and your like ohh **** and freakout thinking its not right. Well, i have stuck with cetaphil and the bumps havent really gotten any worse so i think the wash must not have too much to do with it. I WOULD ADVISE MOISTURIZING LESS OFTEN becuz your skin will not need as much moisture as when on the accutane and this could cause problems in the future..... any other questionS?? jus lemme kno

hope everyone is doing well!! a month and a few days have gone by and...........
everything is still overall good, i have noticed skin is less sensitive and my COLOR IS BACK!!!! the flush look is gone and im soo glad i was gettin tired of the red face. I ran out of cetaphil wash(it is wat i have been using) and all i have left is oil-free acne wash, i figured i will give it a try and try using it up since i wasted money on it. If things go bad i will just switch back to cetaphil. Im a bit sketchy to do this but i figured ill kno if it really does cause me to breakout or not. I have already had 2 people say wow your skin looks sooo great!!! and i have been dying to get to this point in my life and i hope all who suffer jus as i did will too, ITS THE GREATEST THING! Ill check back in a few and i really do hope everyone is doing better.....

p.s. Those bumps are almost gone and u cant really see them on my temples anymore, howver :( i have some on my upper shoulders now and there are forsure not pimples but just weird bump things that if i squeeze them whitepuss come out i kno researching to figure them out.
YES it is definately a confidence snapper and it really sux i know how it is.....

:( :( oil-free acne wash i used for a couple days becuz i was too lazy to go buy cetaphil and i REGRET IT! i have broken out w/ a bunch of little bumps everywhere including chest...and my bumps on my templs have come back. It must be becuz the wash isnt gentle enough and strips the skin of its own oil and moisture barrier. Most of you were right, acne washes dont do a damn thing except irritate the skin and dry it out. Anyways i am back to cetaphil and will let you know how things goo.

p.s. as far as the acne returning it hasnt yet, i might expect it too but wat im dealing with right now is completely different than before. just small bumps that dont do anything(it seems like ther worse when my skins dry)

p.s.2 a month and 5 dayz off.....
hey there, im sorry you went through a rough patch there! im sure going back to cetaphil will help....otherwise it sounds like you are doing well! congrats!! im doing well too, nothing active, red spots almost gone, yet dry still. thats ok . lol hope it contines to go well :)
Hey LeX! how soon till your off???

everythings already back to being pretty good....cetaphil is godsend lol i mean it has worked great for me.....other than that everything is good. i have learned that moisturizer is also godsend...i think its crazy becuz i used to be affraid of lotion but now its a must and it has helped the most! Ive been out in the sun too alot and have gotten pretty tan w/out anything bad have to say my skin is the best its ever looked and i cant believe that ive come to this point in my life....finally after everything ive been waiting for.

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