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Alright something that has been bugging me for a while. As many of us all know, most products contain there Active Ingrediant as Benzoyl Peroxide. Now my question is, lets say you use the strongest avaible % of Benzoyl Peroxide and it doesn't end up doing anything for your acne. This means its just useless to try another product that contains Benzoyl Peroxide as there Active Ingrediant of the same % or less cause its not going to work right? Thus saving you money and time, cause I doubt the inactive ingrediants is what you looking for.

So am I correct?
well it depends on the %age. I have found from research that anything higher than 2.5% is more than you need. they have done studies that shows 2.5% works just as well as the higher %ages and is less irritating. Sooo if you used a higher %age like say 10% it maaay not have worked cause it was too irritating and irritation does not help acne at all.

Also it takes a while for BP to work just like any acne treatment you need to give it up to months to work/.. I know thats hard but its the truth and really it worth it. If you have inflammitory acne meds like BP and sulfer and other meds that work by killing the acne bacteria are best. BP works well for me
Tiesto, I didn't have much luck with BP.
I seemed to break out when ever I used a product with it.
I would try a product with 2% Salicylic Acid.

Doxycycline is an amazing product for getting rid of acne.
You have to go to a Derm.
Or you can buy it online without a prescription.
Get the 100 MG and take 1 pill a day.
Just get the regular version.
There's another version of Doxycycline called Dorf, which is the expensive version.
The regular version is basially the same thing.
BP is a great product for many people but it's not for everybody.

I don't think it works well on people with moderate or severe acne. I also had better results with Salicylic Acid than with BP. But everybody is different, if BP didn't work, Proactive would have not survived for so long.

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