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Re: This LA air!
Apr 13, 2006
I'm not sure that just using a moisturizer "helps" acne. My understanding (from my derm mostly) is that acne is caused when the pores gets blocked, so you want to basically unblock them and/or keep them from getting blocked. If your skin is dry, the dead skin cells are sitting there like a film blocking your pores. Your skin will naturally produce oil (over-produce if it's really dry). The oil then mixes with the dry skin cells and together they act as a plug keeping all the junk in your pores. So, you want to exfoliate (get rid of the dry skin) and moisturise (keep the skin from getting too dry).

You 100% do not want to purposely block your pores to keep stuff from getting in. Instead, you want to keep them unbocked so stuff can get out... if that makes sense.

It's actually my bf who uses the Tend Skin. He gets razor burn and ingrown hairs from shaving (which look a lot like acne). He also gets some proper acne on his nose (blackheads mostly) and sometimes a bit on the rest of his face. I gave him the Tend Skin for the razor burn and ingrown hairs and it was sort of a fluke that it started to clear his acne too. Asked my derm about it and he said it made total sense because of the ingredients. The ingredients (glycolic & salicylic acid) are basically exfoliators. He puts it on after he shaves and also when he gets home (he washes his face as soon as he gets home ... since he says his skin feels grimy from the pollution).

I also follow a glycolic / salicylic acid regiment - but I use different products (He uses a bar of soap and the Tend skin ... I use a full line containing glycolic). So, products with glycolic & salicylic acid have been super successful for both of us. My skin was horrible at one point ... and now it's at the point where it's more about keeping the acne at bay and not so much about getting rid of it as it's now very very mild on its worst day).

Hope this helps :)

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