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Hi All,
This may get long, but could be worth reading. Iíve suffered with acne for about 20 years, and tried everything to cure it, accutane 4-5 times, oral antibiotics, topical antibiotics, retinol, multiple topicals, perscribed by my dermatologist, anyway I won't go through the whole list, but believe me when I say it's long. I finally came across something that has worked, it's only been 4 months but I'm hoping the clear skin continues. The main regimen I got from a book I read, the rest is from other resources. Here goes.
Step 1. Clean and sanitize your skin with salicylic acid, I use Stridex pads .5% with Aloe, the book calls for a 2% concentration, make sure the product you choose [B]does not include any other active ingredients[/B]. Wait about 5 min and rinse off.
Step 2.Remove the clog with Glycolic acid 10% - I use Glycolic Gel- Cellular Micro Exfoliation by Dr. Cohen's -Total Skin Care- It's the most expensive part of the plan but sooo worth it. You may find another product cheaper, I pd about $23.00 a bottle. Glycolic acid dissolves plugs beneath the skins surface and reduces inflammation, this product is the keyÖ.Leave on for about 10 min the first couple of weeks, then rinse off, after 2wks it can be left on as long as desired, time permitting. Be careful with highly irritated skin, you should avoid application to those areas. Brown spots are fine-This will help fade them.
Step 3.Run and ice cube over the areas you are treating to cool skin, be careful not to freeze your skin, this reduces inflammation, and opens your pores, gets it ready for the next step.
4. Apply benzoly peroxide product, I use BP Power pads 2.5%- remember no other active ingredient. Nothing higher than 2.5%. Leave on.-BP kills bacteria.
5. Apply a cool face pack for 10 min- to reduce inflammation.
6. During the day you may apply an oil-free moisturizer.
This 6-step program can be done in the morning & evening. If itís too much just do it once a day. I did it 2x. It took about 2 months, for everything to completely clear up- but after about 2 weeks on the program, I noticed things were beginning to clear, almost the same as with accutane, without the side effects. The book stated most people clear up in 6 wks- some are completely cured. If the acne comes back just go back to the program. I continue to do it a few times a wk- my own fear of the acne coming back.
Other tips- I eat 2-3 apples in the morning before anything else, make sure you wait at least a 1/2 hour before eating anything else. Fruit digests fast, and will ferment if eaten with other foods, apples will help move things along and cleanse the digestive track.
tip 2- drink lots of water- with a lemon wedge if you have it.
Eat lots of vegs- I usually eat a large salad for lunch with grilled chicken or tuna. Dinner Meat or fish with veg's only.
I keep my pasta and bread intake to a bare minimum.
Well I think thatís enough info to digest! I just can't understand why my Dr. never mentioned Glycolic acid Gel- I believe it has been the missing link. It sounds harsh but 10% Glycolic acid did not irritate my skin, and my skin is sensitive.
Good Luck, Please let me know if it helps anyone else out there, helping even one person would be such a blessing.

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