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Hi CuriousP- No Problem with all the questions.
Most of my acne was in the T-Zone but ranged from small whiteheads to small cystic type acne, and a few blackheads, I wouldnít consider it really bad, just VERY stubborn to clear up. After trying many things for about 10 yrs from my dermatologist, he mentioned accutane and at the time I was getting the inside pimples along my hair line, and behind my ears, I was very careful what I washed my hair with daily, nothing w/perfume. I use Dove shampoo, at the moment. The pimples that were underneath the skin seem to take forever to clear up and if one went away another one would show up. When I went on accutane, I only did a 2-3 month regimen taking 40 mg 1x a day. Iím 5Ē9Ē and weigh about 130lbs. I was usually clear for about 8-10 mos which was awesome but slowly my acne would come back, at first just a few here and there, then about 6-8 mos later I would start with the cystic type around my hairline, forehead or around the mouth area, thatís when I would go see the my dermatologist and we would do a 2-3 mos course of accutane, sorry I lost count, but I would have to say I did about 5 rounds all together in 10 yrs.
Today, on my off days I use Spectro jel for sensitive skin, they use to sell it years ago at CVS, but a Canadian Co purchased them, so I ordered it from Canada off the internet. I would just use something fragrance free, for sensitive skin. What do you use now? Is it working?
Iím not too big on makeup, but I use Bare Minerals concealer, sometimes the bare minerals foundation, a little lipstick and mascara. I think if you try the regimen, you wonít even need the retin-a. I had never use Glycolic gel until I came across this regimen; it has totally changed my skin and life. Sometimes depending on the time of month I may do it 5 or 6 days that wk, just because Iím paranoid. I just hope my clear skin continues. I may get a very small pimple now but itís usually gone in a day or 2, not linger on for 2-3 wks. I havenít gotten a cystic type pimple in 4 mos. Oh, for moisturizer I use Oil of Olay Complete (fragrance free).
As far as the hot/cold thing thatís what I thought hot opens pores and cold well may do the opposite. The theory behind the cold is when you have a pimple the skin is inflamed- it is the bodyís attempt to cure itself, the inflammation causes the skin to swell around the pore, closing it off even more, causing the block. The Glycolic gel unsticks the pore, the ice brings down the inflammation so it opens the pore enough to allow the BP to go down and cure the infection, the skins attempt to warm up the skin from the ice, which sends extra white blood cells to the scene to help the curative process. Like the theory of applying ice to a sprained ankle. When I read this and began doing the regimen it made perfect sense.
As far as the apples, they seem to work for me, but everyone is different when it comes to fruit, some people canít have oranges. I would eat what works for you. Hope this helps Ya!!!

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