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Man... i don't get my skin... My skin has been pretty clear till now.. like my back is clear.. but my chest still has some acne on it.. -.- And suddenly on my forehead i got 2 pimples which one of them actually look cystic. Man!! so frustrating!! has anyone else experienced this? like your suddenly clear.. and then BOOM a pimple rises...!! ARGH!! sometimes i wonder if accutane is working!! I'm already on my 5th month!!

(Just little background info - 21/ f/ 60mgs, i'm 5'3/ 95lbs). I'm on a pretty strong dose for my weight but... my skin is still not completely dry like other people have said. Like sometimes during the day it actually seems to get oily? I use cetaphil cleanser and moisturizing cream (not the moisturizer lotion = smells funny haha).

And make up i use mineral basics which is like the purest you can get in mineral foundation. About 3 times a week I wear mineral makeup (not heavy at all!). The steps i take: cleanse with cetaphil and then use cetaphil cream (thin layer) and then brush over the mineral foundation (thin layer). And then after i come home, i thoroughly wash it all off with cetaphil cleanser like 3 times and wash all my brushes etc.. Well anyways,,, I don't know if its the make up but my pores look larger and when you look very closely some of them look blocked but around month 3 all the pores seemed to be tighter? Have any of you ladies experienced this while on accutane?? ARGH!! =(

Also i noticied something reallyyy weird!!! I've been using this make up line about 3 months ago.. and its been good, covers well etc.. but recently i noticed like faint red small streaks on my face while make up was on?? So that freaked me out becacuse it looked like a small red pencil mark..??? And I had like small ones like 3 on my face in different spots. And when i rubbed it it went away... What is this??? Can it be like red blood vessels or somehitng???? I'm So upset and frustrated!!!! I don't want to wear make up but because i work i need to look professional and presentable!! And this cystic pimple is annoying the crap outta me too~!

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