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The microdermabrasion kits that you can buy are not the same. They are basically just a scrub. The kind I am talking about is a "medical grade" machine. the wand blasts your skin with tiny particles while at the same time vaccums it off you face, back, chest etc. This stings a bit but is well worth it. Most ins companies will pay for this as it is an acne treatment. Spas and salons offer the same but their machines are not strong enough because only a physician can buy a "medical grade" unit.
There is really no such thing has a collagen filler over the counter. Collagen is only admiistered by medical personnel and you must have two skin tests before you can have the actual collagen. Since it only takes a tiny amount to fill the acne scars, the Drs office can use a collagen skin test - which will save you money. Ins wont pay for this because ins companies claim fixing acne scars is a cosmetic procedure. They can care less how depressed a person gets looking at their scars.
I know it doesn't help but you see your scars worse than anybody else. I bet your friends and family think you are wonderful regardless.
The dermatologist that I work for has put her patients back on another round of accutane and as I said before, she has even put them on a very small dose of accutane for maintenance.

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