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Re: Acne scars!
Apr 7, 2006
Neosporin cream is something I use. The ointment and cream's inactive ingredients are different. The ointment contains pore-clogging substances; whereas, the cream does not.

I would say it definitely helps them heal. Make sure when you use the neosporin not to let it sit on the skin without rubbing it in. It will harden on the skin and has lead to some scabs for some people. Make sure to rub it in fully.

Polysporin cream is another option.

The microdermabrasion and peels won't cure scars by any stretch of the imagination...Medical microdermabrasion performed by a dermatologist has a chance of helping the scars a lot more than spas could. I would think the logic would be flawed if someone were to say at home Epidermx is effective (or can be) and medical microdermabrasion doesn't help at all. Obviously, if a less invasive at home procedure is going to help a scar, the more aggressive treatment in a doctors office is going to help the scar. If the at home product helps, the medical version has to help. The doctor can be more aggressive with the treatment and even make the skin "bleed" which some people with deep scarring actually request. I've seen people's skin tremendously helped with medical microdermabrasion. I've also seen it not do anything other than reduce red marks and help give the skin a more healthy glow, not really helping too much with scars.

Certain peels can do wonders for acne scars. Research the TCA peels. They can be highly effective. Never perform any high strength peel by yourself. Make sure you have a Dr. skilled in that area performing the peel.

Often a combination of things can be tried.

Like I mentioned the Retin-A topical creams are used as a pre/post treatment for peels and microdermabrasion.

None of these things are guaranteed to help eliminate the problem, but they can greatly help if you stick with the regimen and be healthy!

Drink plenty of water (adding a lemon can benefit some). Take a multivitamin. Take a B-Complex Vitamin. Take a Vitamin C supplement. Take a Vitamin E supplement. You can even rotate in a seperate zinc supplement every other week. You want to make sure you have all the nutrients on the inside, to help you heal things on the outside. <---These are all suggestions, not saying you have to do any of them!

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