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Redness and scars
Apr 9, 2006
a few quick questions..basically im just sick of these scars and redness and i'm going to do something about them..right now i'm not taking any medication besides using BP once in the evening.. i think its starting to fail as my acne isn't getting any better. however, i did read great things on here about the dove pink bars, so i ordered some of those, as i have been washing my face with just water for god knows how long.

so, i just read on some site that biting your fingernails will cause acne around the mouth? i have a serious bad habit of this..anyone know any correlation between these two?

also, i heard that touching your chin, face, etc causes acne bad, im constantly touching my face, resting my hands on my chin, for years.. wondering if i should stop this and see what happens?

whats some good moisterizers, soaps, scrubs, etc that will get rid of redness and fade some pretty bad scars? i know the scars will be there, and i'm going to get laser surgery once i can figure out how to stop my acne.. i've been on a pretty dam good diet, i drink plenty of water, workout every day, and im convinced this keeps the breaking out to a minimum, but its the redness that really pisses me off.. anyone wanna spill their guts on how i can go about fixin this ? thanks!

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