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There are a lot of products out there in liquid, cream, lotion, gel, and pad forms that have Salicylic & Glycolic ACIDs as the main treatment for acne.

Here is my problem.

I got a Glycolic 5% / Salicylic 2% PAD from my derm. This is a 2 in 1 pad. Both SAL and GLY are in this one pad.

Then, after reading THE ACNE CURE book, it stated that when choosing a SALICYLIC product, make sure it doesn't contain GLYCOLIC. Buy the Glycolic seperate. They don't know why, but these 2 acids, if joned together, don't work as effective than when used alone.

TRUE? FALSE? If so, then why so many products out there w/ these 2 acids in one step, meaning, one medication.


I see my derm this THRUSDAY. Hope to clear this issue. Ill take my book with me.

For now, I guess I'll use:

2 follow it w/ SALICYLIC astringent,
3 then a BENZOYL refrigerator gel.

At night, I'll do the same, but switch step 2 with SAL/GLY 2in1 pads instead.


Should I use a Salicylic Acid face wash instead of a BP face wash?

Or is the BENZOYL PEROXIDE wash the best in face wash categories.

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