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I used Carly's Clear and Smooth for three weeks, following the manufacturer's directions to the tee. For the first two weeks, I noticed marked improvement in my complexion. But then last week, I started breaking out again (for no apparently identifiable reason). I was thoroughly discouraged, as I had to add CS to my already lengthy list of acne medications that have done little to keep my acne at bay.

Out of desperation, I visited a derm for the first time yesterday. The doc prescribed me Differin and Duac. I applied Differin gel last night before bed, and the gel was surprising light; my face was neither tight nor dry---a big plus, as I abhor topicals for that reason.

Anyhow, has anyone else been on or is currently using Differing and/or Duac? Has your complexion improved? How long did it take to see noticeable results?
Oh no! I can see how that would make you quit. Its amazing how derms don't explain these things properly. I had to read the insert to find out it takes up to 12 weeks for results and that you are only supposed to apply a thin film.

Sure, I like the idea of posting our results and providing moral support :). That's just the thing I need b/c on that third week of using C&S I was sooo depressed! I'm not a teen anymore, and I'm kind of amazed at how frustrated I still get over this stuff. I think moral support is required for differin judging from what people are many people wanted to quit, but then the ones that stick to it all say how glad they are that they use Differin.

Maybe every week or so we can post results on this thread that sums up how the treatment is going? There is a post that says no journals on this forum, but if we post once a week i think it should be okay. And if the thread gets too long, we can start a new post.

Before I decided to fully try Differin cream, I gathered some info that you might find useful *if* your skin is getting too irritated from it:
- Wait 15 minutes after washing before applying differin
- Apply differin after moisturizer (i don't do this yet)
- Never scrub your skin when you wash
- After a week or two, the burning/irritation should go away as your skin adjusts to it.

FYI, this is my current regimen although its too early to tell if its working obviously ;):

In the morning I wash my face with Cetaphil since its supposed to be really gentle. Then I use oil of olay complete with spf 15 to moisturize and protect my skin from the sun b/c differin makes skin easy to burn. (I read in the insert that you should use a moisturizer *without* glycolic acid or alpha-hydroxy b/c those ingredients cancel out the effects of differin).

In the evening I wash my face with Cetaphil again, and then apply a thin layer of Differin. Then I use oil of olay again to moisturize.
Hi Jack, glad to hear you stuck it thru those 2 difficult weeks and stayed on the medication :). If your skin has calmed down a bit, the medicine is working. Because if it wasn't it would only get worse. I have a lot of redmarks on my forehead and jawline from the initial breakout. That's probably why they say it takes a long time for medicines like this to work: first you have your initial breakout which can take a few weeks or even longer, then you have to wait for the red marks to fade, and finally you will be able to see clear skin.

Have you seen the before and after pictures for people that use Differin? I found them promising and realistic: the people don't have makeup in their "After" pictures (which Proactiv ALWAYS does in their infomercials). So you get the sense that what you see there is really how it is. Anyway, if you google Differin and do a bit of poking around you should be able to find their before and after pics. (I would include the link, but its not allowed :P). You can see that for some people it works after 4 weeks and others it takes 8 weeks or more. Its worth sticking through in my opinion b/c the results look fantastic.

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