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Hi Jack, glad to hear you stuck it thru those 2 difficult weeks and stayed on the medication :). If your skin has calmed down a bit, the medicine is working. Because if it wasn't it would only get worse. I have a lot of redmarks on my forehead and jawline from the initial breakout. That's probably why they say it takes a long time for medicines like this to work: first you have your initial breakout which can take a few weeks or even longer, then you have to wait for the red marks to fade, and finally you will be able to see clear skin.

Have you seen the before and after pictures for people that use Differin? I found them promising and realistic: the people don't have makeup in their "After" pictures (which Proactiv ALWAYS does in their infomercials). So you get the sense that what you see there is really how it is. Anyway, if you google Differin and do a bit of poking around you should be able to find their before and after pics. (I would include the link, but its not allowed :P). You can see that for some people it works after 4 weeks and others it takes 8 weeks or more. Its worth sticking through in my opinion b/c the results look fantastic.

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