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Hi Meruru,

I started using Differin and Duac over a month ago. Thinking that more is better,
I "dove" into the regimen, generously applying both Differin and Duac daily. That was
a big mistake. When the second week rolled around, my face EXPLODED with zits (the
worst it's ever been). I freaked out and vowed that I'd never touch Differin and Duac
ever again!

Five weeks later, I still have red marks from that horrendous breakout.

For the past two weeks, I've been back on the Clear and Smooth regimen, but again, C&S hasnt cleared my mild/moderate acne at all. So now, I'm looking to try something else.

It's interesting how you resurrected this thread of mine, because I was just over at another acne forum, and I read that, when using Differin, one should start slowly (e.g., apply it every other day instead of everyday), and expect an initial breakout.

So, here I am back to square one. I'm gonna risk it and get back on the Differin Duac
regimen again. This time around, however, I'll start slowly and be more patient.

Meruru, since both you and I've been on CS for the past few weeks (but havent had success with it) and now, that we're both on Differin and Duac, I was wondering if you like to keep a journal with me, to update our progress and provide moral support.

If you're interested, let me know how you'd like to set this up :)
earthdayapril22, that's encouraging to hear :)!

As promised, here is my update for week 1 of using differin:

First, a little background: I have mild/moderate acne. I have a bunch of small bumps over most of my face and ~10 medium sized zits sprinkled here and there at any given time.
[B]Day 1-3[/B]: Skin is the same as when I started
[B]Day 4[/B]: The sensitive areas of my nose are burning a little bit because I accidentally applied differin there. Skin is breaking out a little bit more.
[B]Day 5[/B]: Most of my skin now feels irritated. Acne looks the same as the day before.
[B]Day 6[/B]: Skin feels itchy. I'm trying to resist the temptation to scratch. I started to break out a bit more on my right cheek (like 3-4 more zits than normal).
[B]Day 7[/B]: Skin feels and looks the same as yesterday, but my nose no longer burns. Yay!

I love the Cetaphil cleanser because it is so soothing when i use it. Overall my skin isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Knock on wood. We'll see how week #2 goes... I'm bracing myself for the bad breakout that people talk about.

jack27514, I just read your post that you wrote about being depressed. I totally know what you mean! When my skin gets really bad I don't want to leave my apartment. Going to work seems like a daunting task and worst of all is looking at myself in the mirror. There is a certain subset of my friends that I probably won't be hanging out with for the next 12 weeks because I feel too ugly to see them until my skin starts to look better. On the other hand, there are certain people in my life that are incredibly supportive and I feel better just being around them b/c of how they make me feel. They keep telling me how I'm crazy and its not as bad as I think it is :).

I hope your treatment is going well so far; best of luck to you too!!
I've been on the Duac & Differin combination for about 3-4 months now with very mild improvement. I have what I think is a unique type of acne in that most of the time I get large, explosive whiteheads that sometimes even inflame the surrounding tissue turning it red. What a combination. On top of the weak results from such expensive prescriptions, their combination has led to really embarrasing peeling just under my lips and around the corners of my mouth. I've decided to be done with Duac because it seems to be causing a burning effect and knowing how sensitive my skin is I'm surprised I didn't stop using it earlier.

As someone who's tried everything from Proactiv, to Murad Complex, to Nature's Cure (what the Hell was I thinking?) without substantial results, I'm really wondering what's left for me to use on my stubbornly persistent acne problem. I was hoping my visit to the derm and these scripts would be the end all, but after giving them ample time to work, what other options do I have left? I've researched a little on blue and red light therapy but it seems like it is going to be an expensive route, and as far as Accutane goes I don't think my condition is serious enough.

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