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Just a few questions and comments - thank you in advance to anyone who is willing to help me out! I know this is long and some of these questions may have already been posted before, so gracias.

First off, like many of you, I've had acne since elementary school (5th-6th grade), and I'm currently a senior in high school. I would say my acne is mild to face is EXTREMELY OILY. I've tried a lot of things like everyone else here, and one thing that really seemed to clear me up in middle school was Retin-A. But, I stopped using it, I don't exactly remember why. I DO remember, though, that I didn't like my dermatologist because he really didn't listen to me - I think one of the reasons I stopped was because I stopped going to a dermatologist. This particular dermatologist always wanted to go "all out" and prescribe me every possible thing under the sun - my skin wasn't that bad at the time.

So, my first question is: how did everybody here find their dermatologist, and are you happy with your choice?

My second question is, I'm thinking about using Retin-A again (IF I CAN GET A PRESCRIPTION, my current dermatologist is STUBBORN and really doesn't listen to what I'm saying, so I may end up seeing another dermatologist), but I've heard great things about Tazorac. What's the difference between the two? I thought they had the same active ingredient?

My third question is, I'm going to see a gynecologist at the beginning of May to ask about birth control again. I tried for only a couple of days in the past because I was constantly throwing up - my stomach is VERY sensitive. It This time, I'm going to ask for the lowest dose possible for acne. What are the brands/types that produce the least amount of initial breakouts with maximum reasults? I'm biracial - my skin is very sensitive to spotting, so I always end up having dark spots after a pimple, even if I leave it alone and do not touch it. My skin would be so discolored if I had a horrible breakout period.

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