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I was on Minocycline but I found out I'm allergic to it. I'm allergic to all *cyclines. It gives me hives! When I was on it, for the first week, it really helped clear my face up! It was perfect.

I wouldn't say I have 'bad' acne but it bothers me. I hate having any acne at all, it's just horrible for my self-image.

I went to the dermo and all they did was give me more creams, etc. Basically, even with the creams my face breaks out. They were willing to put me on Accutane but said it wouldn't really be needed considering my acne isn't horrible. The side effects of Accutane are just too dominate for me to consider it at this point.

What other oral antibiotics can I try? My dermo suggested a few but most I can only use for a week due to resistance.

Any ideas? And yes, I have ever cream/pad in the book - even with that, my face breaks out every once in awhile.


Thanks -


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