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Re: Proactiv!
Apr 28, 2006
[QUOTE=hollygirl05]Hi, I have been on it a little over a week now, before that I tried acnefree which seemed to work a little to, but I decided to go proactive. Does anyone noticed how well it works with blackheads? I noticed I have less of them. Does anyone have white little spots on their face? and does it help with that? Is proactive good for cystic acne? If not what is? sorry for all the ?'s

I too wonder if it helps with the cystic acne? I have used it before a few years ago when I had regular non-cystic acne, but stopped using it because I didn't need it anymore. But last June I started taking birth control pills and my face has not been anywhere near clear since... I only get cystic acne which is caused by the pill. I have tried almost everything on the cysts and finally gave up realizing that as long as I am on the pill, they will keep popping up everywhere, because the week I am off the pill I get no new cysts. I am trying to see if my body can get used to the pill because it is so convenient (I have tried 3 different pills since June all with the same effect).

I never even thought of trying Proactive again because I didn't think it would help with the cysts. But today there was a package of Proactive in the mail for me... my husband ordered it as a surprise for me because he knows how horrible I have felt about my face for the past several months. It is so sweet he is trying to help! Well anyways, I just got out of the shower and used it for the first time (I am crossing my fingers for even just a little improvement). Also in a few days I am going to do a cleanse because I heard it has a good chance of helping with the cyst problem [still crossing fingers].

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