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Works great for me
Apr 25, 2006
:) Jus wanted to let everyone know what's worked wonderfully for me. using some sort of antibacterial soap, for me Dial works the best. I use this to get all the makeup off my face (even eye makeup). sometimes Ill use jus a lil extra on parts of my face that I feel are gonna break out soon and it usually helps! followed by putting KISS MY FACE Olive and Alvero for sensitve skin face moisturize on my face. I do this all right before I go to bed. I do this religiously and my face has improved soo much. Sometimes in the winter or if my face feels dry ill put on the moistureizer again before putting on my makeup in the morning. I also use to use as an acne treatment Biore pore unclogging face wash after I used the anitbacteral soap, but after several months of that It started drying out my skin, so I took it out of my daily routin and still use it once n awhile.
Jus to let ppl know, even jus using the antibacterail soap on my back has cleared up my backacne and I dont have a problem with it ne more, jus use it once a week or so.
Another thing that helped my face even more is getting on Birth control(Ortho trycyclen LO). At first I felt like I was breaking out during my periods with it but it got better after a cycle or two.

I know this maynot work for some people but I suffered for horriable acne for years, and still get an occiasicanal pimple but nothing like before, I use to worry bout my face all the time and now I dont event think about it, execpt to see if my eyeline is running! lol Hope this post helps a few ppl. It took me along time to find the right combonation for me! :)

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