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[quote]Originally posted by SweetJade1:
I so admire you right now because even though you aren't happy about these changes, you are still willing to at least TRY and see if it will work. =)

I'm not a body builder, so I'm not exactly sure why eggs, chicken and protein supplements are your only choices for bulking. Are you eating any other forms of protein such as, beef, pork, seafood, or beans?

I ask, because your diet looks similar to trainboxers and I'm wondering if those foods are what you use when you train, but you still eat other foods as well. For while I've nearly cut out a food group, I certainly, and many others that have altered their diets, are eating much more food than that ;-)

Just wondering, appreciate any knowledge you can throw my way on this subject.

Take care[/b][/quote]

Hey SweetJade1

In terms of quality proteins, whey and eggs are the best choices. I've reduced my whey intake to 2 servings a day (right after workout). Whey protein is pretty much necessary right after workout because it is the fastest absorbion protein. It is absorbed in 45 mins. Right after workout you need to feed your muscles with high quality protein as soon as possible. I used to take 5-6 servingsa day (one reason I may have been breaking out bad). The reason why I choose eggs, whey, chicken as my main sources of protein is because of simplicity and nothing else...well...also because animal protein has a much better effect on reaching muscle cells than other proteins (veggies). I dont like seafood and beef has too much fat in it (even the lean). I have to avoid high fatty foods while bulking. I do eat sweet potatoes, black eye peas to compliment my animal protein though, and I do count those proteins as part of my daily protein intake (some bbuilders dont). As I've told you before I have completely drop grains from my diet. I have to give it a couple of weeks to see if my acne improves (I'm very confident it will), if not, whey protein is next on my hit list. I have a couple of questions for you:

1) Is extra virgin olive oil good for cooking? I used to use Pam but noticed that it's made from grains.
2) Are black eye peas "evil lectins"? Where can I find a list of "evil lectins"?
3) Are soy beans "evil lectins", I've noticed that my breakout might have been triggered by consumption of soy milk as well. I'm gonna stopy drinking soy milk too.

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Hey SweetJade1980, just to summarize what I've been doing this past couple of days:

1) Completely eliminated all grains, BTW do you eat grains anymore? I remember that you said you still eat some grains. What about brown rice (gluten free)? If my acne goes away brown rice is one of the first things I will introduce in my diet (caloric dense, complex carbs).

2) Completely eliminated dairy foods, including my whey protein servings. I've read that whey protein is highy processed and artifically flavored (both things are really bad for acne).

3) Completely eliminated all nightshades (beans).

4) Stopped drinking soy milk.

5) Started cooking with extra virgin olive oil.

6) I'm still working out as usual.

7) Stopped taking my CENTRUM multi-vitamins since I've read the B vitamins, zinc and iron combination, and iodine aggravate acne.

Now, this you will find INTERESTING. I've seen a VERY VERY significant decrease in oil in my face (I have oily skin). I mean, my skin is feeling dry right now. No oiliness at all.

PS Did you ever find that "evil lectin" list? Is there such a thing as "gluten free bread"? Where can I buy some, man I would kill for some pizza right now...haha.

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