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inlove-the product is carleys clear and smooth, it is a very simple program of natural soap and a scrub that does include either 2% or 5% bp depending on which one you order. if you do a search and get to their website, be sure to click on "product description" for a detailed list of their ingredients and great explanations as to why they use what they use. basically shea butter and essential oils..the mositurizer is great too, and inlcudes jojoba oil and sunflower oil..they use a non-paraben preservative and no sls's.

i have always taken my vitamins, but have really ramped it up lately lol. wheatgrass juice is very high in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, efa' name it. it is supposed to be very healthy and healing. it is a great way to start the day! i buy it at whole foods and it is a bit pricey 12.99 for 10 "shots"...its frozen into small squares which you let set in alittle bit of water and then drink. i figure it costs alittle less than the soda i used to buy everyday at work. oh it tastes like fresh cut grass or what i would imagine it would taste like.

susilee-i am really not sure about using the scrub twice a day. keep an eye on your skin and make sure you don't get any redness or worsening of your acne. they seem to be pretty insistant that you only use it once, and no spot treatments that have sa, or bp or anything like that. they say it could counteract the treatment, causing your skin to get worse. i mentioned that i found an all-natural spot treatment on ebay the other day, but i havent recvd it yet :rolleyes: i'll let you know when it do. it was by juliets if you want to look it up. btw, i have always had extemely oily skin...i just use the soap and a moisturizer at night now. it is hard to do this simple feel like you really want to do more, but you really don't need to.

beatboxkid-i agree that not everything works for everybody. there are tips on the website (and on the bottle i think) about what to do if you get red or break out worse. and they do ask that you try it for 8 weeks minimum. i hope you find the right thing for you.

well good luck everyone.

kisses :wave:

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