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Hi everyone

I'm new to the board but I just started using Carley's scrub a week ago and I wanted to ask someone that's been using it for a while a few questions.

I had hormonal acne as a teenager but it had cleared up until I gave birth to my daughter just over two months ago. Since then it has been a complete mess, and I've been told it's probably to do with the hormones released from breastfeeding. I'm not willing to stop breastfeeding and I don't want to use any kind of medications that could go through the breastmilk and affect Elianna, but at the same time I had/have to do something about this acne. It's only on my face and I know it has nothing to do with diet or cleanliness because I eat very well and I've become a clean freak when it comes to my skin - I change my pillowcase every second night now, and I don't even let my husband touch my face (it's become pretty sad, actually...). The only thing I do that probably isn't great for my skin would be attempting to cover the breakouts by piling on makeup (which I hate, but I don't want it showing either). Carley's was attractive to me because it's all natural and the ingredients are for the most part actually GOOD for your skin, not harsh like medicated products I've been offered by my doctor.

I like the product a lot and I have high hopes for it as I am really impressed with the customer service and the confidence that Steve has in it, plus all the testimonials I've read and so on. Since I started using it I have seen an improvement in my skin tone and a lot of the little bumps are gone, but all the big ones are still mostly there. That could be my fault, because since I started using it the pimples that haven't disappeared turn into major whiteheads, and when they do that I always end up extracting the pus from them (sorry for the graphics, but I figured I could talk pretty plainly about this stuff as I'm sure you've all been in the same boat) because I have somewhere to go in a few hours or something to do and I find it pretty embarassing. Then they heal quickly with the Carley's and scab over, but whenever the scab falls off there is a whitehead left underneath of it and then it's just an endless cycle. Just wondering what other Carley's users do about whiteheads (or [I]green[/I]heads... eww) - you can't cover them and they look so gross, I hate going out in public with them on my face. I know trying to extract them yourself isn't the best answer though. I am ordering some Bare Escentuals concealer off of Ebay and I'm hoping that'll work to cover up the acne I do have until it (hopefully) clears up.

The other thing is that my skin has gotten a lot tighter and drier since I started using Carley's (I am following the instructions to a tee and only washing once a day with the scrub) and I know from experience that dry skin can actually end up producing more breakouts eventually because the skin then starts overproducing sebum to make up for the dryness (gotta love "combination skin"). I was thinking about ordering their day time moisturizer, but in the mean time I was wondering if anyone has just used pure jojoba oil on their skin as a moisturizer? I was going to pick some up at the health food store but I'm not sure what it's like, or if it would clog pores or be too heavy for use under make up, or what.

Well, I've pretty much written a mini-novel here so I'm going to stop for now.

Thanks in advance!

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