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i have not updated in a while, so i thought i'd let you know how its going from someone who has been on this for more than just a few days or weeks. i have had a couple of new zits, not all out cystic acne is completely gone. i am using bare minerals make-up which is wonderful for covering my old red spots...which by the way are definately fading. i have been using the camellia oil too. i just recently started doing wheatgrass shots in the mornings and taking alot more vitamins ( i have turned into an "all-natural freak) i cannot get over how smooth my face looks and feels. i may not be the best one to ask about moisturizers b/c i avoided them all my life..i thought they would make my oily skin worse...but carleys day time moisturizer is really special to has jojoba oil in it and is feels soo nice. the nighttime moisutizer is wonderful too. it could be that they are really contributing alot to the smoothness i feel and its so much more noticeable for me since i never used them before? that's a definate possiblilty.

my son has been on this since early march. his acne did not miraclulously disappear over night, but his horrible redness and cystic acne is completely gone. he still gets white heads and those little tiny bumps but no redness (unless he picks which we all know is sooo hard not to do) they go away quickly though. and i keep saying this but its looks better all the time. i would say that now his acne would now be considered mild. it looks like the acne i see in alot of adolecsents, so i consider it more "normal". and i think it will eventually just fade away. i am much more hopeful of that than before. i was seeing him on accutane and thankfully, not even considering that now.

so give it time, go as natual as you can...use moisturizer most definatley and try not to get discouraged when it doesnt clear you in a minute. everything takes time. i noticed a difference immediately, but remember i was mostly clear anyway when i started b/c of an antibiotic. my face was blotchy and uneven though, and bumpy...

anyway, i swear by it and i think i always will.

good luck everybody. :)

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