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This is the beginning of my sixth week on Carley's and I have just started to see the results of using it as of 2 or 3 days ago. I actually emailed them last week telling them I was going to send it back for my refund, because it had seemed to be working OK at first, then it just looked like it wasn't doing anything, until finally it started getting worse and worse and worse. When I emailed them at the beginning of last week my skin was worse than it has ever been in my entire life and I was extremely upset. I even got my doctor to write me a perscription for a topical acne medicine I had used before with mediochre results, although I hadn't picked it up yet. Anyway, they wrote me back with this long email packed full of information and copies of other peoples' feedback that related to my situation - it took me like 20 minutes to read it all. They told me it actually doesn't work for some people until as late as the 3rd, 4th or even 5th+ month using it, but for those who stick it out and follow the instructions correctly without caving on topical antibiotics or spot treatments or whatever, they end up getting amazingly clear skin in the end. They suggested going back to using their natural soap as a shampoo, which I had tried before for about the first week and didn't want to do again because it made my hair feel waxy and not fully clean. Anyway, I did what they said and since I started using it as a shampoo again my skin immediately started getting better. I had broken out all over my entire face and neck, and now I've got 4 left - everything else is gone, and the four that remain have shrunk to about half their size and have turned into little scabs now. It's amazing because the shampoo I was using before was organic and supposedly all natural, but obviously it was still contributing to my breakouts. I was also doing the sea salt steam before which I have stopped. According to the people from Carleys, even natural products used on top of their treatment can counteract what the treatment is doing and mess with the PH balance of your skin - which completely freaks it out. So anyway, I'm excited and hopeful again. I strongly reccommend for anyone who is thinking about giving up on it to email the company. They can really help you out and work with you to figure out what could be working against your skin and the treatment. I will post again later to update on the condition of my skin.

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