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I feel ugly. I'm 22 and I hate my looks. I have tried it all except accutane and I'm on proactiv week 3 now. Nothing seems to be wroking. I have moderate acne. I tried the aspirin mask, I tried retin-a, antibiotics, and I swear I hate all of them

I don't want to workout with friends, I barely want to leave the house. In my mind it is worse than it is, but it's at a point to where I cannot count them either. MY FACE IS MY ENEMY. I have great features and use to be "beautiful" but now all people see is my acne and I'm tired of avoiding life.

I don't even want to be around kids. My boyfriend's neice asked me "why do people get pimples?" Boy, I wish I knew. I'm also gaining weight on top of it all. I'm falling into a hole, I'm scared.

I don't know whether to continue proactiv since it's only been 3 weeks or to use the cream only and emulate the clear skin regimen- I was about to order that too.

I called a dermatologist's office this morning out of sheer desperation. Visit is $75-$150. There is a younger DO doctor there the secretary told me people with acne see. As much as I have lost all hope, I'm going to make the appointment because this is a last resort. Depression will cost me so much more.

I needed to vent, because people in my life don't understand *truly.* You guys do, thank you.
i understand how you feel. i do not like to leave the house if i have a couple monsters, as i call them... i definitely do not want to go out anywhere besides the necessary places. i think you making the dermatologist appointment was the best choice. they will be able to evauluate you according to your own needs and give you the right answers, or point you down the right path. i have been struggling with trying to stop proactiv. it almost seems impossible. it clears my skin really well, but i don't like how it makes my skin feel. when i stop using it, i break out REALLY bad. worse than how i would before i started using it :( i hate it. i wish you good luck though. there is something out there for you.

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