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11 years. Thats how long it's been on my face, consistently.

I guess I had not worked as hard as i could on eliminating it, but I have tried _everything_ except accutane

Sort of paranoid about prescriptions, and I have been very upset with the dermatologists I had visited.

Finally I went to a lady in Indianapolis that was actually exccited to see my discheveled face. It was after a job interview that I had to attend with a huge breakout, so I was in the mood to try anything.
She says she loves to treat acne, and prescribed me to a drug called Bactrim. I guess it's an older bacteria eliminator. sounds simple, and I had no faith...But it WORKED!

Im clear and happy and no side effects thus far....2 weeks in i lost my major breakouts, then a couple more small cysts came and went over a month and a half...and now my skin is god how I missed that feeling of having a clear face..

Some other cool things she reccommended -
Avar cleanser- prescription facewash with a bleaching sulfacetamide agent.
Reazmid- Sort of like sulfur makeup- it covers spots and scars and dries them out, what seems to be a drawn out exfoliation process

anyway please keep the faith, because i did and after almost 12 years im finally free of the setbacks from least for now

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