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Hello! PureOilyMe
The cure is a little different because you use specific concentrations of the products, and for the benzoyl peroxide you achieve the same effect as "cryonotherapy" (or something) by rubbing your face with an ice cube, putting the benzoyl peroxide on, then resting under an ice pack to let the BP do it's work. The cure states that BP can't effectively get to your pores without this cold regimen.
I think the washing off thing allows them to stay on for sufficient time to allow them to work, and then by washing helps get rid of the product for the next application.... the cure book states that salicylic acid and glycolic acid shouldn't be used together, for a not-understood reason, somehow they lessen eachother's effectiveness.. thus you wash the salicylic acid off before the glycolic.. I can definitely feel each step though, so something must be working in that few minutes :)

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posted 06-11-2003 06:50 PM
Isn't this cure just basically what a lot of us were already doing--azelaic acid, BHA, and BP--except that you are washing them off after putting them on? That seems strange because how could they work then? Am I missing something here? Sorry to make you repeat it if I am. I'm just trying to figure out what's different about this from many of our routines.
The only thing I can see is it would be best to wash off the salicylic acid before the glycolic because of product interactions... but I think you could leave glycolic on and then do the benzoyl peroxide. The order from the cure says you should do the acids first to clear skin of surface bacteria and open up pores, then do benzoyl to clean deep bacteria.. doing it backwards, according to the book, doesn't make sense. :)

You said you have clear skin after doing your reverse regimen? That's great! What was the severity before? What exactly is your regimen?

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