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"The Acne Cure" is a book; my sister told me about it. At $22 I figured I didn't have much to lose, especially if it worked. I've read all but the last chapter or so, and it seems sound. He backs everything up, and it doesn't have the sort of hype that infomercials and over-advertised products do, and the author does state outright that his method won't work for everyone, but it will work for most. In 6 weeks. So i'm going to give it a go.

I really think a good portion of my cystic acne is from picking and obsessing at my pores, and this method might at least give my skin a chance to get better. The basic premise of the method is that too many products only work at one aspect of acne, and this routine cleanses excess dirt and dead cells away, cleans the pore, and kills bacteria in the pore. I thought i knew quite a bit about acne, and in some cases i do, but nonetheless, this book was an informative read, and it seemed to explain quite a bit of the acne phenomenon. There were some things i didn't agree with, but differences in opinion will always exist. i'm actually pretty excited about getting started. Even if the routine only clears the cystic stuff, or only clears the closed comedones, i'll be happy.

i decided to try out the book's method b/c i eat extremely well, exercise very frequently, and just am not willing to give up some indulgences that i have. i can't afford a dermatologist so i'm really hoping that 6 weeks of this program will at the very least help my skin somewhat. i'll be posting updates to this thread as i go along.

Now, i'm off to find an 8-10% glycolic acid product. Any suggestions?

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