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I am so down today
Jun 9, 2003
i have just started using this new stuff klear action and i thought it was working and everything i woke up today and both sides of my cheeks were broke out in those little bumps. so i called my derm and asked her to prescribe me some topical antibiotics because i didn't like the results of the dermafina or the new product i am trying. she put me on birth control (ortho cyclen) about a month and a half ago and i haven't really seen no changes in my acne. but i am going to continue to take them for two more months. how come your face always seems to clear up right when you goto to the dang doctor and their like i don't see what your talking about. that's what she told me today. she said i will prescribe it to you but i wrote down last time that you had very very mild acne 1 to 2 papules. i almost bursted out laughing. then she said it will cost you about thirty dollars a month. i was like lady i wish you knew how much i have spent already trying to clear my skin. i told her i could afford it and i was paying fifty dollars for dermafina for one month. i just needed to vent. i am so tirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrred of dealing with this. i want to be able to just get up and go without having to wash my face and do different steps and then put on make up and then plucking the dead skin off in certain areas where it is needed. like the other day my boyfriends mom and dad and me were going out shopping. who was the last one getting ready. ME. to make me feel even worse my boyfriend is so upset. he was like we just spent fourty dollars yesterday on stuff and now we have to pay thirty for this stuff and we don't even know if it is going to work. he said i bet we spent 500 to 600 hundred dollars on stuff that hasn't worked and we could've used that to go to a good derm. thanks babe. if i wasn't already depressed before you called i am now. okay i am through venting. i am so glad i have a place like this to come to.

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